Let Apelian Carpets Answer Your Questions...

Frequently Asked Questions About Carpet

  • Why is my new carpet shedding?
  • Why does my carpet seem to change color when I look at it from different directions?
  • Some tufts are longer than others, what should I do?
  • How can I avoid permanent indentations?
  • What can I do about static?

Frequently Asked Questions About Hardwood

  • How do I care for my new hardwood floor?
  • What can I do to minimize scratches and indentations on my new hardwood floor?
  • What changes will I see over the years in my hardwood floor?

Frequently Asked Questions About Laminate Floors

  • Does laminate flooring stand up to heavy traffic?
  • How complicated is maintaining a laminate floor?

Contact the following fiber manufactures for further information:

ANSO: 1-800-626-6936
DuPont: 1-800-448-9835
StainMaster: 1-800-438-7668
Mohawk (Wear Dated): 1-800-266-4295